An internationally renowned fair, TAPA is an important market event for international players in the fast growing ASEAN market. The event in 2012 featured exhibitors from Thailand, Taiwan, India, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, Hong Kong and South Korea attracted over 9,419 trade visitors from 64 countries around the world such as Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Philippine, China, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Iran, U.S.A., Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan and etc.


All under One Roof –  Experience the convenience and efficiency of having everything under one roof. All exhibitors are within easy reach, and the many activities and special events are presented within the same area.


The Best in the Region –  Thailand has the largest and most innovative OEM and REM parts industries in the whole region.


Standing the Test of Time –  Thailand’s long established auto industry has been evolving and refining its products for over 40 years.


Home of the Finest in Workmanship –  Many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers use Thailand as their production base, in view of the country’s superb workmanship, among others.


Truly International – Over 400 companies from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, China, Vietnam and Thailand will be displaying their latest products at the fair.


Meeting Point – Discuss options and opinions with other visitors, retailers and distributors.  Make contacts and strengthen network to open unlimited prospects for cooperation.


Pick-Up Powerhouse – Thailand’s one ton pick-up trucks have the largest market share for any one country in the world.


Center of the Industry – Thailand is regarded by many as the automotive production hub of Asia.